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Photo: Coron white sand beach Palawan, Philippines.

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Anna Zamoranos-Schwab and Timothy Schwab

“Seek ye out of the book of the LORD, and read: no one of these shall fail, none shall want her mate: for my mouth it hath commanded, and his spirit it hath gathered them.”

Isaiah 34:16 KJV


The Ophir Institute is a think tank in the Philippines that has focused on the mystery of the pre-colonial history of our country. When the Spanish arrived, they recorded a literate people who were found reading and writing but what? Where did these writings go? What did they say? How significant they must have been if they needed to be destroyed or at least suppressed. This people is cataloged numerous times in history with more wealth than any other nation in Asia or really, on Earth. We have reviewed the demands to produce an admission from the Jesuits of their guilt in erasing this history but that is a false expectation creating a paradigm of ignorance we will not placate. The Philippines is ancient Ophir and the Garden of Eden and its significance is far greater than we are taught. It is time everyone knows the truth.

   Therefore, the Ophir Institute has proudly partnered with author, researcher, singer, former minister, and successful publisher Timothy Schwab and his wife, Anna Zamoranos-Schwab, a Filipina, who lead a team of researchers who tackled this topic. They published their findings on YouTube first with over 10 million views and now, even deeper research is available in book and eBook form. As of recent, this list of publishings includes, The Search for King Solomon's Treasure, INSTRUCTIONAL EDITION: The Search for King Solomon's Treasure, Ophir Philippines Coffee Table Book, and The Book of Jubilees: The Torah Calendar.


   Though we are a group, these authors' writings largely resemble the core of our mission to educate Filipinos about our lost history. We know this invites attacks from those who hate the Philippines and wish to keep it in the Dark Ages of Colonialism. However, test those and they quickly prove themselves as frauds as they will commit even illegal acts to peddle their propaganda and much of that is communist tied to China wishing to become yet another Colonial head of the Philippines which will never happen. We have no interest in such thinking but desire to see the truth restored. For those who criticize without investigation who have not proven this out for themselves reviewing this full case of abundant evidence, shame on you for claiming to care about our country, and how dare any of you speak out and write blogs, create videos, etc. in an uneducated fashion claiming you know something you do not. Having assessed this in full including checking every source they offer, and we mean every, we fully and firmly remain confident, this group has found the lost isles of gold in the Philippines and they prove it. To criticize something you have not reviewed because it is new to you, though this is actually the ancient knowledge restored, is the epitome of ignorance. Of course, those who have not even bothered to review the case do not know this and have no right to pontificate their gas bubbles (leaven). Now, it is your turn to take the journey.


In his extensive experience of almost 30 years in publishing and over 30 years in ministry, Timothy leads an international research team that focuses on restoring Biblical geography to which we are in agreement. Using a very profound scientific method, they have been able to articulate a strong position on the location of these famed isles of gold – Ophir, Sheba, and Tarshish. About four years ago, their group began documenting their journey on YouTube, and over 10 million views later, the channel continues to grow. Together with his Filipina wife Anna and their team of researchers, The God Culture continues to provide content on YouTube in deep studies especially in Hebrew and restoring Biblical geography including the Ophir, Garden of Eden, Rivers from Eden, Land of Adam and Eve, Land of Creation, home of John the Baptist including restoring Qumran’s Biblical name, Lost Tribes of Israel migrations, mapping Noah’s division of the earth from the Book of Jubilees, Gog of Magog’s seat of power and allied nations, the peoples involved in the Psalm 83 War, location of Noah’s ark landing, unveiling Revelation 11 and 12, etc. and all with great revelation amending modern scholarship much of the time. As their first topic, Solomon’s Gold Series which finds Ophir has not been disproven in over four years, this research group has been validated to offer valuable insight. This book series will challenge all traditional views on these locations as it unfolds the true geography in a very methodical way yet this is not a new find as the world once knew this. The question to the scholarly community as well as academia, how exactly can you lose the entire land of gold? This group has found it and we believe this is no coincidence that all of this is coming to light in this age when the Philippines is rising just as Jesus predicted it would. Are you ready?

Timothy Schwab Philippines

Timothy Jay Schwab Philippines

Timothy Schwab.   Ophir Philippines

Biography of Timothy Jay Schwab

Biography of Timothy Schwab

Biography of Timothy Schwab Philippines

Biography of Timothy Jay Schwab Philippines

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