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6"x9" BW Paperback. 384 pages.


You are about to embark on the most monumental journey of all archaeological discoveries. The mother lode that would make the likes of Indiana Jones salivate. The true land of gold in all of history which leads to the location of the Garden of Eden and Land of Creation identifying the Rivers from Eden en route. Why is this important? You will never understand geography, history nor especially Bible prophecy without this restored knowledge of what many will consider the most illustrious realm on Earth. Without this, one cannot interpret archaeology with mastery, lecture on history with certainty, preach a sermon on the topic with veracity nor even satisfy elementary queries. Though founded in the Bible which is the origin of this saga, examine the history, archaeology, geography, science, linguistics, etc. which all converge to reveal what the world knew and somehow misplaced about a century ago. This is a mystery no longer and now, you will know the whereabouts of the lost isles of gold... The Philippines.This documented journey will rock your world. From the creators of Solomon's Gold Series with over 10 million views on YouTube. Author and Researcher Timothy Schwab from the Philippines who leads an international research team, The God Culture, articulates the complete case for the Philippines as Ophir, Sheba, Tarshish and the Garden of Eden. Once you review this, it will likely change your perspective on ancient Biblical geography and history. In every video, they have challenged viewers to "prove all things" and test their findings. In almost 4 years, there have been no coherent challenges to date. "Thoroughly researched, well supported with Biblical truths, strongly convicted." This revolutionary book is an eye-opener as it challenges what is now accepted as truth by probing history with unquestionable pieces of evidence. It is high-time for this book to spread like wildfire as it answers one of the most important issues in the Bible - the origin of the Kingdom. Tim is a shouting voice whose only agenda is to seek the truth and expose it to the world. His study unearthed the true identity of the Filipinos as Ophirians. I highly recommend this book for it will be an important key to bringing revival to this nation and generation, it is a piece of the puzzle that will complete the bigger picture in this end times."- Bishops Rod and Ruth Cubos, Christ The Healer International Missions MovementAlso, download their complete SOURCEBOOK electronically to read along with each source used in this book. Once you realize history geography, archaeology, science, linguistics, etc. all align on this topic to affirm the Bible accounts, you will be astonished.

The Search for King Solomon's Treasure

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  • 384 pages. 6" x 9" Paperback. The full case supported by 300-page Sourcebook free with purchase. Just email receipt to for access. Includes free shipping in the Philippines. Outside Philippines, please email us:

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