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7"x10" BW Paperback. 272 pages.


As the first scribe among men, the Prophet Enoch wrote the first history of the world ever recorded by man’s hands. Prior to this seventh generation from Adam, an angel in Heaven kept an account on the Heavenly Tablets. Many have mischaracterized the Bible today misunderstanding this fact. The only writing that predates Enoch is that of the Heavenly Tablets which accounts were provided to Moses on Mt. Sinai affirmed by Jubilees, Luke, and Paul.

Enoch was the first world traveler escorted by the angels. He visited Heaven and was given much knowledge of the workings thereof including that of Messiah long before He became flesh. He provides firm elements for a mapping of the antediluvian Earth including the location of the Garden of Eden in the Far East, an understanding of the cosmology of the Earth from an eyewitness perspective, a comprehensive description of the Inner Earth, and details of Heaven and Earth no other has published.

This prophet not only saw the events of his time but those before him all the way back to Creation. However, Enoch also foretells of future events to the Flood, the time of Israel, the coming of Messiah, and all the way to the Second Coming and the Day of Final Judgment. Even a 200 B.C. dating of this writing by scholars who ignore the scribal tradition of copying scrolls, still makes this work accurate prophecy for future events after that time.

The knowledge restored in this detailed manual of over 100 chapters will astound many. Is it scripture, inspired and canon? Examine our comprehensive Torah Test in the Introduction including direct quotes of this book in the modern Bible canon as well as historicity. There are far more than Jude alone.

The Great Prophet Enoch will take you on a journey from which you may nevermore return. Once you know these things, you will never likely be the same.

This is a publishing of the original translation by R.H. Charles in which we have full copyright rights under Library Of Congress Control Number: 1-11193958781.

The First Book of Enoch: The Oldest Book In History

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