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Special Edition 7"x10" Full-Color Paperback. High Quality. 160 pages.


Long before the Flood, the Prophet Enoch had a series of Dream Visions. He saw man as animals of different sorts much like the best-seller George Orwell's Animal Farm describing different peoples who would become historic characters and accounts. In many ways, Enoch designed the first cartoon in expression. This book captures the essence of Enoch's extensive Dream Visions of the past in his time as well as mostly future events we now call history and beyond. A prophetic account which proves to match the Bible in it's entirety. There is no greater test of inspired scripture and we can all learn from this.

Adapted from the 1912 R.H. Charles translation of First Enoch from the Ethiopic, the language is simplified and the dynamic illustrations truly demonstrate Enoch's view. With added commentary and direction, this summary account of the Bible from Adam to the Flood to Abraham to the Temple to Messiah to the Day of Judgment will astound many. Major revelation awaits all who read this.

The First Book of Bible History Illustrated: Enoch's Animal Dre

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