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6"x9" BW Paperback. 432 pages.


It is time to truly explore the Word and discover what it says about the authentic ways of the Creator. Examine The God Culture rather than the culture of the gods which permeates our society today just as prophesied many times in scripture. This is not a debate nor a topic that can be broken into fragments out of context. If you are a believer, even a pastor, and you have not reviewed this case except fragments, this book will change your life. Is the Sabbath still applicable today? Why?

When you learn Jesus kept and taught the Sabbath and ALL 10 commandments followed by His Apostles who kept and taught the Sabbath and ALL 10 commandments succeeded by the True Early Ekklesia who kept and taught the Sabbath and ALL 10 commandments, shockwaves will vibrate. Learn about the Lord of the Sabbath and His ways which are higher than our ways and the doctrines of men. Study the overwhelmingly abundant scripture proving this as well as history. Explore Messiah's Great Sabbath Sermon which is mischaracterized yet explained as such in the New Testament in which the 7th Day Sabbath observance remained. That's what the Bible says and it is time to know.

This extensive Bible case for Sabbath will arm you with the needed data to render a Biblical decision on this topic. Don't let this pass you by another day. Yah Bless.

REST: The Case for Sabbath

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