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Full-Color, 7"x10" High Quality. 168 pages.


In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue in search of the Garden of Eden, the famous land of gold known as Ophir and Tarshish above it, and the same area identified in his research as Arsareth, where some of the Northern Lost Tribes of Israel migrated. He charted his course based on three principle maps and extensive research all leading to the modern Philippines. Magellan reworked the same correcting only the distance and Pacific point of entry engaging these acclaimed maps. Once found, the world, especially the British, began to remove the Garden of Eden from maps. Though locked away from mankind enclosed within the Earth, it remains to the end.
However, intense research reveals this was not only the periphery of Columbus and Magellan, but the Far East was renowned as the position of the Garden of Eden and land of gold since 4000 B.C. including the two oldest maps in all of history. Join our expedition to expose the truth of this region in the modern Philippines with over 75 historic maps and rendered directions covering thousands of years in which this area was no enigma in antiquity and should not be today. The Bible has never left this unanswered and the history of the archaic patriarchs, even the Greeks, affirm this.
Why is the Garden of Eden important and pertinent to today’s believer? One will never understand prophecy without the restoration of this Biblical and historical geography. In fact, many are unaware the Garden is not just trees, but far more abounds there including the very Holy of Holies of Yahuah on Earth since Creation.
The entire water system for the antediluvian Earth unites in mission and serves to pinpoint this district to which it terminates. It is well defined in scripture and it never moved, never morphed into another plane of existence, and never ceased functioning. That is Kabbalah and the Occult, not Bible. It was also never located in Mesopotamia which relies on the Occult Creation Myth. It is sad Bible scholars propagate that in ignorance. Paradise was never in Israel which was a Nephilim stronghold before the Flood and even in the days of Abraham still. There is no position for Saudi Arabia, nor India. Africa and the Americas fall within the borders of Ham and Japheth, and neither could possibly house the Garden which is in Shem’s territory. The Rivers from Eden fail these very quickly when tested as does Noah’s division of the Earth. Genesis 2 provides directions scholars pretend are not there, yet maps affirm this.
It is time to understand what this earthly Paradise embodies in orientation, in construction, and most of all, in importance to our Elohim. This book will renew the ancient perspective and when you discover this Lost Eden for yourself, the days of increasing knowledge will be fully upon you. Much hinges on this testimony to Creation even in the End Times. For understanding the Garden leads to discerning His ways. May this journey bless all those who undertake it.

All maps used per publishing rights under public domain and purchased licenses from U.S. Library of Congress, Wikimedia Commons, and art services such as Alamy, AdobeStock, etc. This book is copyrighted under Library Of Congress Control Number: 1-13612723471.

Garden of Eden Revealed: The Book of Maps

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